Conversations In Deer Urine

M: Well, back to animal pee and scent maskers…Imaging project…this is what confuses me.
A buck shows up and realizes there is no doe, but looks up and sees the pee stick…not a doe in a tree… A pee stick, and he doesn’t think, “oh shit, i gotta run, like now!”

J: I think the idea is he’d be tracking her while you’re watching him.
Soo it’s like the scented versions of “Hey look over there!” ::BONK!::

M: They have pictures in their catalog of just that, a buck smelling a pee stick… Doesn’t he know the difference? It’s weird…and now I know all about it, how useful 😠
That and I didn’t know, “rut” was what mating season is called for deer. So, when I read “doe in rut” I automatically read, “doe in a rut,” thinking so he is going to save her…hello mandy, deer do not save injured deer… I was like, wow, I am a moron…bahahahaha!

J: No yer not. I like yer thought process.
All deer get into ruts and it’s clearly up to the hero deer to get them out of jams.


J: Because like a spidey sense they smell trouble and them BAM! we shoot them.
Because who would want a non-hero deer on their wall?

M: Bahahahaha! Yeah, that there fella was trying to save his doe when I got him…
Got her too…Bonus!

J: I gave his cape to my son.
Then i forgot and shot him too.

M: I hate it when that happens

J: Right? We can all learn from this.
Don’t give deer capes to children.
The child’s life you save just might be your own.