Fun Facts

K: Valid. Asking for fun facts about you 😉

J: ?  Um Spiders…?
I can still make the best fake farts on any fleshy bits…
I can smell viscosity?
I want all horrors to be real so I can join them?
Um, I can make sudden soup outta pretty much anything…
These any good?

Well the spider one is good

J: 😦 I don’t know what else to say then.


Hogging All the Punch Lines

J: How many Germans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Z: One. Because they are efficient and don’t have a sense of humor?
J: ::sigh:: yes. You ruin everything
Z: Yes. Because I am German and have no sense of humor

J: Did you know that there are 6 kinds of gluttony?
Z: Are they all in your stomach?

J: I love you
Z: I don’t get it
J: I have nothing to throw at you

Desk Vertigo Doesn’t Love You

J: My right side seems to think we’re too high up.

Z: Bwah? Your right side is experiencing vertigo?

J: Yeah I guess? ‘cept i don’t get dizzy. My feet and hands get sweaty/tingly when i’m at a great height. It’s happening right now. But just the right side…

Z: Well fine then, non-dizzy getting jerk.

J: It’s like my extremities just get really worried.

Z: Because everything you do is a jerk.

J: Probably because they know they’d take the brunt of the impact, if i actually fell.