Like Sand

J:“Cupcake sammich” is totally on the track list now.

Z: Yeah but toward the bottom…
because eh, cupcakes.

J: It’s basically just humming “Big Rock Candy Mountain” forgetting the words and then yelling “cupcake sammich” until you no longer can.

Z: And like that, it is saved.
Well done.

J: Do I know how to run a band or what?

Z: Apparently so

J: Damn right.
You writing this down boy?
I’m an idea man not a ‘memorable…

Z: Wait, I’m supposed to be remembering stuff?
hoo boy

J: Pffft.
Wat I pay you for?

Z: To look pretty and take your abuse, Sir.

J: Damnit it boy, don’t you sass me.


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