What Do You Want?

People don’t get into children’s culture enough. You know, cartoons, children’s books, learning channels and so forth…

Remember that wide eyed enjoyment of art or animation, how the lines and characters looked off but so colorful and right? Encouraging you to just start staring at people. Real people trying to figure it, figure them out. Do you remember?

I do.
There was nothing wrong with a purely innocent curiosity in people in general. There still isn’t.
Or how people would come up to you and tell you how cute you were? People you didn’t even know. Does anyone do this any more? If you started now, the person in question would most likely tell you to “fuck off.” Or avoid confrontation altogether. If someone did respond by telling you how cute you were, most people would assume that this person wanted something from them(most likely sexual in nature).

Connect with strangers, even if it’s just a moment of eye contact.
Especially the ones wearing sunglasses, refuse to let them shut us out!
No contempt, no self righteousness.
Just a look of happy curiosity in them as a person, not an object, or a subject.
Just as a person, a simple look one that says, “Hi, have you looked up lately? There’s a sky there. Neat, huh?”


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